Most of you will be eligible to vote in a few years. As a future voter it is your responsibility to be informed about the issues that affect your life. You will be playing the role of an informed citizen who has an opinion about the current status of women's equality. You will conduct background research in order to formulate your informed opinion. The brainstorm, background, and issues activities will provide you with the basis for the final assessment task.

Final Assessment Task

Your local newspaper is running a series of articles about the accomplishments women have achieved throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries. The most recent article concerned a current issue affecting women. The article that struck you posed the following question:

"Did suffrage accomplish full equality for women?"

As a concerned citizen, submit an editorial article that answers the question in regards to the current issue.

Your newspaper article will include:

  • A history of how women struggled to gain the right to vote
  • A summary of the current issues affecting women today
  • Your own opinion of the issue
  • An answer to the question, "Did suffrage accomplish full equality for women?"


  • Day 1 - Brainstorm and Background (Group)
  • Day 2 - Issues (Individual)
  • Homework - Assessment (Individual)

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